Saturday, August 10, 2013

19042013: Turning Blue At Buffalo

At this point, my fever faithfully returned to me. I was feeling super chilly and I was shivering. The fever made me fell asleep on my way to LAX. Thank god for the reliable and safe journey from Super Shuttle. Convenient and inexpensive. 
The queue was long at LAX and it stretches to the outer compound of the airport. Damn it, it was 3 in the morning and I'm feeling feverish. Luckily it was a quick one or I might just fainted right there and then. My eyes were hot and heavy, my body was shivering, my legs were heavy and I was dragging along a heavy backpack. Not the the backpack, I had to drag myself too around LAX. I was just too weak to move.

I kept drinking some Vitamin C water along the way hoping that it can helps in my recovery. Sleeping the whole way through the flight. I lost track of how many hours it took to reach Arizona for transit and to actually reach Buffalo. Everything was blurred the entire journey.

But I remembered the adorable Southwest Airline stewardess with her funny landing speech. " We are glad that you enjoyed the flight with Southwest. Most of you were sleeping and some of you were drooling" that followed by some laughter from the passengers. Was she talking about me?"Just to let you know...we have reached Buffalo Airport now" then when it's time to alight from the plane " Now get off the plane " followed by further laughter from the passengers. 
And I managed to snap this as we landed
 Here I am finally at Buffalo. The bad news was my ears were stuffed. I only have one good ear left and I couldn't hear much now and my throat was killing me. I can't hear and I can't talk....

My host Michael picked me up at the airport and we headed to the famous Anchor's Wings after dropping my backpack to meet up with his wife Jill and Jennifer with her family. I got to know Michael through Couchsurfing and we chatted a bit online before I head to America. His wife Jill joined us soon after that and she saw my comment of the creme brulee on my Instagram. They are so warm and friendly.

 As for Jennifer, it's great to be finally meeting someone that you got to know through a virtual farm and still be able to maintain contact for so long. I was looking forward to meet her long before the trip was confirmed. I remembered when I was having some issues sometimes ago, she comforted me online. She seems to project certain kind of warmness and positivity even online. To meet her in person confirms it. Her daughter Ally, I saw her adorable pictures from years ago and she has bloomed into a beautiful young lady now .It was a pity that I wasn't able to talk to them more. My fever makes communication so hard for me. Whenever I tried to open my mouth, my ear and throat pained. Never felt so helpless before. I feel so bad...
I love Buffalo Wings but it's really killing me by eating this with my current condition.
    Michael, me and the ugly buffalo wings lady. I couldn't find a single picture of me with Jennifer and her family. I don't know why. Did I or I didn't had any pictures taken with them? I can't remember much. Everything was so blurred to me.

The cozy and nice bedroom at Michael's place. His house was like those that I used to draw when I was a kid. House with chimney and a garden. I like this place very much. As you see that the guest room is this pretty, what's more for the other part of house. I want my future home to be something like his with a fireplace( a fake one of course considering the crazy weather back home). I didn't take much pictures of his place but I still remembered the design deeply in my memories.

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