Saturday, August 10, 2013

18042013: City Of Angels

You never been to Los Angeles if you never visited these famous landmarks. Here I am hiding my sick face behind my Kenneth Cole shades. It's getting worse but anyway here's the snapshots that I still managed to get:
   Griffith Observator had appeared in some of the mainstream movies like Transformer 2007, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle and so on. Familiar eh? And it's situated right across the famous Hollywood Sign, a landmark and the American cultural icon. The initial purpose of this sign was far from what we know today. It was actually an advert for a housing developer back in 1923. It was the rise of the American movie industry that made it famous.
Do you know that it cost $30 k per year for the maintenance of this star at the Walk of Fame? The star itself is made of terrazzo  and brass.

   I found the hand prints of the vampires!! Twilight!
Mann's Chinese Theater, home to many world class movie premiers. 
    Rodeo Drive, another famous filming location and home to the region's favorite luxury boutique. Things are expensive here. All I can ever afford is to stand here for a picture.
My room at Sheraton Garden Grove. No, I won't be sleeping here tonight. I have a flight to catch at 5 am to continue my solo journey to the Northeast. Just to roll around on the bed...

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