Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who am I to judge them?

I know I shouldn't have this kind of mentality.It's so wrong for me.But what can I do?I'm just a composition of blood,flesh and emotions.Couldn't really stand it.But why?It's the way that guys handled their love life.To betray and hurt a current partner.
Why the fuck does it have to end this way?The girl has to sacrifice her dignity to be with her loved one and the guy repayed her by having an affair with another.The worst thing is that the guy couldn't pick his courage to end things with the current partner before he headed for another relationship.
I guessed those cowards think with the muscle in between their legs.I hope that muscle will lose it's function soon for those cowards.
Why can't they appreciate what they have?Why do they need to cheat on their partner?So disgusted with them.
I wondered what's their health's report like with all those fooling around.

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