Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bad Table Manners

"He whom eats rapidly, mechanically, for him food is merely an indispensable means of subsistence".

"She whom eat with slurping noises and chewed food with open mouth when she had the audacity to admit that she's a civilised individual".

"An immaculated lady with expensive attire that attracts attention,attracts even more when she sloshed down the food into her mouth like a pig".

What's the point of having serving utensils when you refused to use it?When you prefer to lick clean your utensils or when there are bits of food sticking to it before you jammed that saliva and food carcass coated utensil into the shared dish.Oh goodness!The rest of us had to digest your saliva and the carcass from your dirty mouth with the food.

How many of us that are actually raised amist the Japanese education and cultural here?Not many unless you lived in Japan.That's the fact.Keep that in mind PLEASE!There's a reason that I brought this up.A lot of people tend to eat with slurping sounds especially when they are having noodles or pasta. When you tried to talk to them about the noised,they'll tell you that it's the way the japanese eats.WHAT THE HECK!?As you said,it's japanese.Not you!We are not brought up this way .The standard table etiquette is the western ways.Everyone around the way is doing that.Please don't use that japanese thingy as an excuse to justify your disgusting ways.If you want to do that,please do it only when you are in the Land of Rising Sun or when you are in the japanese restaurant.It's very rude if you practised it in the wrong place.

Please chew your food with your mouth close.We don't need any accompanying noise from your damn mouth.Also,don't talk with your mouth full.Your food carcass that were stuck in the shared dish is bad enough,being splattered with bullets of foods that comes from your mouth is like adding salt to the wound.Spare us the torture please.

Steamboat is a dish that is meant to be shared and enjoyed with others.If only some people don't suck their chopstick and dip it into the pot of soup.Maybe sucking isn't clean enough,dipping the chopstick in the boiling soup can help to kill germs and add some flavor to the soup as well.That's killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

A nightmare indeed to dine with such person.It's comparable to dining with a pig. Oink!Oink!The only thing that I could do is to keep my eyes on my food and try to make up some music in my mind to drown away the noises.These kind of activities really stressed me out.
It could go so wrong that I lose my appetite,it's really tormenting you know?I really love eating but not with these people.I know,sometimes I wished I could control my food intake so that I could slim down but not in this way!!

Can anyone please give these people lessons on table etiquette?Or can the authority pass a law that could put these people behind the bars,faraway from me?

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