Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sexual Attraction

Sexual attraction........
What does it means to me?
My ability to attract in or
erotically attracted to another person ?
I think it's very important in a relationship.
What's the point if two people in relationship
that is void of sexual attraction? It's a waste
of time.

To me,it's a very funny emotion.
That people can be attracted to each other
sexually without love.But not love without sex.

Way too many times that people tend to over
analyze on their crush subject.We did some mental
rundown on our subject's lifestyle and hobbies or even their
physical attributes to confirm our feelings for them.Putting
in a lot effort to get to know each other.But things still don't
work out for them.What really happened?
It's lack of sexual attraction between them.

Well,human learn through trial and errors. I think we should
change our perceptionof love. Shallow some may say, but I
think we should be able to pass the 'Sexual Attraction' test
before anything else.

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