Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's not fair!!

It's not fair!
While you worked your ass off,
When some douchbag takes all the credits,
Without even a word of gratitude.

It's not fair!
When some bitch wants her own privacy,
While she pokes her bloody nose into your business,
With no respect for you.

It's not fair!
While you're making effort to work things out,
When some asshole just sit there and do nothing,
As if they are the BOSS.

It's not fair!
While you worked to earn a living,
When some people tried to lay their hand on your income,
Some bloody free loaders.

It's not fair!
While you just want to be yourself,
When some people criticizes and judges you,
Who do they think they are?GOD?

It's not fair!
When you want to be a better person,
While some people went on smearing campaign,
So that you'll be among the dirt like them.

It's not fair!
When you sacrifice for love,
While somebody abused you,
Treating you inhumanely.

It's not fair!
When you worked hard established something,
While some people tried to take it away from you,
As if they deserve it.

It's not fair!
When you are born as who you are,
While somebody tried to deny your ethnicity,
As if you need their permission to be who you are.

It's not fair!
While you are docile in nature,
When somebody will try to manipulate you to their advantage,
Like a pawn in the chess game.

It's not fair!
While somebody always preached their " holier than thou" attitude on you,
When they are just trying to justify their own fault,
Painting you in the color of their own guilt.

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