Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 1: The Journey Across The World

12 hours of struggling in my economy class seat and running to the WC in between due to the anxiety attack episodes( Can't stand being confined in a constricted space for too long),  I  made it intact to the other side of the world, Amsterdam. Transit from Schiphol,Amsterdam to Budapest,Hungary, 3 hours to go before getting onboard, again.

And it's only 6.30am here. Never wake up so early for so long and never been so energetic during this time.

A bit bored actually. Already covered almost 90% of the Schiphol in less than 2 hours. Had some refreshment and what is left for me to do at this time?

Getting onboard again and I've got the window seat this time enjoying this nice view.

 It was a bit warm when we reached Budapest, the capital and the largest city in Hungary. The name "Budapest" is the combinationation of the city names "Buda" and "Pest". One of the beautiful pre-revolution building here:

Went to Rákóczi Étterem in Budapest for a proper eastern european meal.

Mushroom, fish and potatoes Budapest style served with paprika condiment on the side, like what we do with sambal belacan back home.


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