Thursday, September 10, 2009

Come on!Blame them all on me.

Sorry for the success that you'll never achieve in your life.A pathetic loser.

Sorry for seeing the substances being abused by you.Deteriorating health that you'll have.

Sorry for the pathetic companions you have in your life.Birds of the same feather that flocks together.

Sorry for the mistakes that you made.You'll never learn from the past.

Sorry for seeing you destroying your own future.With your own bare hand.

Sorry for your ignorance.You'll always be the dim witted one.

Sorry for your selfishness.You'll never know the joy of giving.

Sorry for your greediness.But you'll never get anything out of it.

Sorry for seeing you making a complete fool yourself.Telling lies to make yourself look good.

Sorry for the grave that you dig for yourself.Digging deeper and deeper.

Sorry for the wish that will never come true for you.You are simply hopeless.

Sorry for the existence of you in this world.Your mother brought you here.

Sorry for the fact that you are who you are.Trying so hard to be something that you are not.

Sorry for the fact that you can't never reach out far in your life.Running around in your circle of misery.

I'm so sorry....if that make you feel better

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