Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Bullies,does it ring a bell to anyone out there?They come in all forms.School bullies,neighbourhood bullies,workplace bullies,road bullies and the list could go on forever.We'll encounter them in one way or another.They are the people who shoved you around like you are nobody and as if they the center of the universe.They'll drain us emotionally and physically.They'll always leave an everlasting impression on those who crossed their path.

It's funny how their own issue became the nuisance to the others. Low esteem, problem within the family,abused childhood and so on.Just because of those,do they automatically entitled the right to lash out all their discontentment on us? Wow!
This is just not fair for us!!

Congratulation!We had unwillingly became their punching sacks,just because they are feeling inferior.They think they can shoved us around like we are nobody,to make them feel better.

When they were still young,they snatched their playmates toys.They'll make their schoolmate carry their books and bags.They even formed a clique at school with them as the leader.And this make them feel superior as they can kick anyone out of it or force anyone to join them.They can even boycott you from your own friends.

Though they were still young,they can be very evil.They'll spread malicious lies about people who doesn't follow their way or orders.They sure know how to run a smear campaign.Imagine what those bullies will grow up to be.Actually ,I wouldn't want to know.

Just when we thought that we can escape from all this nightmares as we grow up,it became even worse.At work,by doing nothing your colleague will take all the credits from your work. When you get promoted and a raise,their eyes will become green.By then,they will figure out a way to topple you down.Here goes the smearing campaign again.You slept with the boss,you're the homewrecker,you breach the trust of the company and you can afford your lifestyle because you are a thief until you leave the company.

Things are getting worse now.Thought you can seek some comfort and solace in your partner but the bullies in his/her family said you are just acting up to gain sympathy.That you are not good enough for them.Jumping out of the pan ,then into the fire.They'll schemed and pushed you to the edge just because of jealousy. Finally, it's the entire family against you.

Then the bully manifested in the form of your friends too.They were so nice at the beginning because they wanted to gain your trust.They want to know your deepest secrets and your whereabouts.They know your weakness now.Then they'll use it to their own advantage.They'll manipulate you and coercing you into getting something that they want.When you tried to stand up for yourself,they'll turn the table around.Making you a bad person while they'll always be the nice one.

These bullies don't have a life.They gain their happiness by inflicting pain on others.I do hope that they'll get a taste of their own medicine someday....

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