Saturday, September 15, 2012

My So Called Friends

By now, I can really call it 'A blessing in disguise'. Actually no one but a few. This incident had forced me to open my eyes wide. Wide enough to see who's the bad apple among them.

So called friends who judged me on my situation. What makes you think you can judge me? Are your character really blemish free? You never did anything wrong in your entire existence? Who do you think you are? GOD?

So called friends who abandoned me during the time when I need them the most. Where are you when I needed the emotional support the most? You don't give a shit even when I asked for help. You never concern about my well being.

So called friends who are only around during the good times. These people only appear during the jolly time. The rest, they avoided you like a plague. Not that I want to borrow or beg from you.

So called friends who are plain selfish. Even if I'm dying by the roadside, I don't think you'll stop your car and help me. You'll just continue driving.

So much for calling themselves my friends. Anyway, I must really thank one person but I'm not able to mention his name here. Let's just call him Mr.B here. If it's not for you, I wouldn't have seen the true colors of those so called friends. If it's not for you, I wouldn't have the comparison between good apples and bad apples.

Maybe your definition of being friends and mine being friends are 2 difference thing. At least I know that I should lend my friends a shoulder to cry on whenever they needed it. To accompany them through the bad times even though I don't know what I can do to help.

It's really an opener for me this time. Something different happened that exposed a totally different thing. Something unexpected.

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